Meet our Team
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Barbara Frampton
November 1989
Melissa Mertick
January 1992
Kayla Frampton
Billing & Accounts
June 1998
Phillip Lowden
March 2004
Shelley Norland
In House Service
April 2001
Ira Tate
Sales & Service
June 2000
Jason Frampton
January 1996
Tim Mertick
May 2000
Frampton Mailing Systems (FMS) was established in November 1989. FMS is operated by Barbara Frampton as sole proprietor and is a family run business.

FMS supports regional initiatives for a greener environment.

FMS recycles its own office products. We also work with local companies to recycle ink cartridges. Many of our previously enjoyed mailing equipment and photo-copiers are refurbished and replaced in other businesses.

Our sales and service team are ready to work with you to meet your mailing equipment needs and help you save money.

Frampton Mailing Systems